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Antiviral class of medicines is medications used to treat viral infections. Similarly to antibiotics, specific antiviral preparations are effective against specific viruses. In contrast to antibacterial medications, which are able to cover a whole range of pathogenic organisms, antiviral agents are somewhat narrow in their spectrum, and demonstrate rather limited therapeutic effectiveness.

Nowadays there are 11 antiviral agents, which cover 4 types of virus (in addition to several antiretroviral agents that are used in HIV (AIDS) therapy). Famciclovir, Valacyclovir and Acyclovir are effective against herpes viruses, such as herpes genitalis and herpes zoster. They can also be helpful in herpes-caused conditions, e.g. shingles and chickenpox. These medicinal preparations are not healing, but they reduce pain and shorten viral shedding period.

Oseltamivir, Rimantidine, Amantadine and Zanamivir preparations are administered to treat influenza virus. The first three of them can be used throughout the season of flu as preventative medications for those patients who can’t be vaccinated against influenza virus.

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Epivir is effective for managing HIV infection. It belongs to nucleoside analogues. Acting in the body it is aimed at blocking the HIV growth.

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Amantadine prevents and treats some flu types. It also treats Parkinson disease and uncontrollable muscle movements resulted from some medicines effect. The medication is an antiviral and antiparkinson agent.

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