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Healthy Bones

In middle age human organism starts losing bone tissue faster than producing new one. In order your bones are strong enough you have to get calcium and vitamin D in sufficient quantities and exercise regularly.

The supplements you may require for treatment of osteoporosis or keeping your bones strong are vitamins A and D, calcium carbonate (which is also efficient against menstrual cramps and kidney stones), Evista and Didronel (both intended for post-menopause women), and Fosamax.

For prevention of bone destruction as well as maintaining their structure your doctor may prescribe you Reosto, Coral Calcium, or Rocaltrol. Remember, taking care of one’s bones is much easier than osteoporosis treatment.

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Actonel is generally recommended for osteoporosis treatment and prevention. It belongs to bisphosphonates. It functions by slowing bone loss process.

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Rocaltrol is a drug effective for treating the conditions resulted from low and high levels of parathyroid hormone. It can be used for treating low levels of blood calcium in people who have to be on chronic kidney dialysis.

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