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Diabetes is a disorder of the metabolism, when your organism does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the amount of blood glucose.

There are two types of diabetes: insulin dependent (type I) and non-insulin dependent (type II). Patients with type I diabetes do not produce insulin, and those with type II, which is more common, do not produce or use insulin well.

Diabetes may cause numerous of severe outcomes and requires treatment.

Diabetic patients have to control their blood sugar levels and undergo treatment with anti-diabetic medications helping them to live their normal lives. In addition, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, avoid stress and bad habits, exercise, sleep and eat well, undergo regular laboratory investigations for sugar levels and, of course, see your doctor regularly.

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Amaryl is for managing type 2 diabetes in people who failed to control the levels of blood sugar with a diet and exercise. It belongs to a group of sulfonylurea antidiabetic medicine. Its effect induces the pancreas to release insulin thus helping to decrease blood sugar.

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Glucophage is generally recommended for curing type 2 diabetes. It belongs to biguanide antidiabetics. The medicine acts to reduce the sugar level produced by the liver and the intestines absorb.

Glucotrol XLGlucotrol XL
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Glucotrol is a a sulfonylurea antidiabetic medicine and is used in managing type 2 diabetes. It induces the pancreas to produce insulin. Due to this the level of blood sugar reduces.

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Prandin is for treating type 2 diabetes. This type is non-insulin-dependent. The drug should be combined with a certain diet and exercise to decrease blood sugar in people who failed with the diet, exercise, or other diabetic drugs.

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Precose is a drug that is usually advised for curing type 2 diabetes. You should take this medicine together with a certain diet and exercises.

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Starlix is generally recommended for reducing blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Actos is usually recommended for curing type 2 diabetes. Being a thiazolidinedione antidiabetic Actos is intended to decrease blood sugar making body cells more sensitive to insulin activity.


Avandia is a drug taken to manage type 2 diabetes. Being a thiazolidinedione antidiabetic the treatment decreases blood sugar making the body cells more sensitive to insulin activity.


Diabecon is used to preserve blood sugar balance, also to handle lipid metabolism and keep healthy serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


Karela assists in the metabolism of carbohydrates. It refers to blood purifiers.


Torsemide is for treating edema related to liver, kidney, heart failure. It is useful for managing conditions of excessive water amounts in the body.

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