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General Health

Nobody is absolutely healthy. Health is a person's mental or physical condition. Sometimes people face certain general health problems, and the ability to control them is rather important.

In this category we offer products that are helpful in maintaining healthy skin and hair, mental function and immune system, as well as balance of hormones. They can manage overactive bladders and eliminate unpleasant feelings caused by certain harmful habits, and also help give them up.

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Antabuse is intended for alcoholism treatment. The medication functions by creating alcohol sensitivity and therefore evoking unpleasant reaction to even the slightest amounts of alcoholic beverage.

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Aricept is effective in managing dementia in patients with Alzheimer disease. Aricept is a cholinesterase inhibitor.

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Atrovent is for chronic bronchitis and emphysema and associated lung illnesses. The medication is a bronchodilator. It functions by making the muscles around your airways more relaxed therefore opening them up and allowing a person breathe more freely.

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Cytoxan treats lymphoma, neuroblastoma, multiple myeloma, mycosis fungoides, leukemia; ovarian, eye, and breast cancer. It is an antineoplastic which interferes with the multiplication of certain cancer cells.

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Depakote is generally recommended for managing particular forms of seizures in treating epilepsy. It is an anticonvulsant and works to lessen and prevent seizures

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Detrol is a drug effective for managing overactive bladder together with the symptoms associated with urinary frequency, urgency, and leakage. It is an antimuscarinic agent.

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Diamox treats glaucoma, also acute mountain sickness; and also it is a part of some treatment plans for congestive heart failure and seizure disorders.

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Dilantin is usually used for curing tonic-clonic and partial seizures. The drug can also be taken for preventing and curing seizures that are possible to happen during or after brain and nervous system surgery.

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Dulcolax is used for constipation and irregularity. It is a stimulant laxative. It works by influencing directly the bowels and therefore it stimulates the bowel muscles to cause a bowel movement.

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Exelon is effective for managing mild and moderate dementia which is changes in personality, impairment of memory or judgement, abstract thinking in patients suffering from Parkinson disease or Alzheimer disease.

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Imuran is an antimetabolite and treats severe rheumatoid arthritis; also is used in patients who received organ transplants in order to prevent the rejection.

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Generic Keflex is a cephalosporin antibiotic and it treats certain bacterial infections.

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Lamictal is an anticonvulsant and is recommended for managing particular forms of seizures. It is useful for preventing mood problems in people suffering from bipolar disorder.

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Oxytrol is for treating overactive bladder symptoms. The drug may be used by kids over five years old, with symptoms of hyperactivity of detrusor muscle related to different neurological factors, such as spina bifida.

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Pletal is usually recommended for decreasing attacks of intermittent claudication that is cramping, pain, numbness, or weakness in the foot, hip, thigh, or buttocks which may be evolved by walking.

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Reminyl treats mild to moderate dementia in people suffering from Alzheimer disease.

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Requip is a medicine that is useful in managing Parkinson disease as well as restless leg syndrome.

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Revia treats narcotic addiction and alcoholism in people.

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Sinemet is generally recommended for curing symptoms attributed to Parkinson disease and similar symptoms evolved by some other conditions.

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Strattera is a drug that is effective for managing ADHD.

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Sustiva is a drug that is taken to manage HIV infection together with other medications.

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Topamax is generally recommended for managing seizures. The drug can be taken alone and in combination with other medications. It is useful for preventing migraine headaches.

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Vermox is an “antihelmintic” medication. It impedes the growth of worms and their multiplying in the body.

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Zofran is generally prescribed to reduce nausea and vomiting because of cancer chemotherapy or surgery.


TAbana is designed for the treatment of circulatory problems. The medication lessens heart sensitivity to adrenergic stimulation; it also makes the contractility of the heart better and produces cardioprotection.


Acai is considered the best sources of anthocyanins, a particular substance that counteracts the effects of impurities. It also contains other phenolics. The acai berries provide with the following effects: increase of energy; improvement of sleep; it detoxifies and cleans the organism; improves sexual drive; and etc.


Albendazole is indicated for the treatment of tapeworm infections. It belongs to anthelmintics and eliminates sensitive parasites.


Brahmi is a nervine tonic and serves for the improvement of learning, academic performance and mental ability. The main ingredient of a drug is a herb that is able to improve alertness.


Chloroquine is for acute attacks of certain strains of malaria and parasitic infection as extraintestinal amebiasis.It is an aminoquinoline which functions by killing sensitive malaria parasites as it interferes with the normal metabolism inside the parasite.


Combivert treats bronchospasm prevention in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in people on therapy with other drugs.It is a compounding of Albuterol and Ipratropium which are bronchodilators.


Copegus is for chronic hepatitis C in those patients who either have not been treated with interferon previously or those who have a return of the illness after interferon treatment.


Cystone is given in the cases of urinary tract problems.It is a dietary supplement and it helps kidneys and urinary tract to work normally and it also provides normal absorption and utilization on the urinary tract.


Ditropan is a drug effective in relieving symptoms of certain bladder problems. It is an anticholinergic. It is aimed at dilating bladder muscles.


Dramamine is generally taken for preventing and curing vomiting, nausea, and dizziness resulted from motion sickness. It is an antihistamine and anticholinergic.

Hair Loss CreamHair Loss Cream

Hair Loss Creme is hair loss prevention and hair re-growth formula. It provides stimulation for anagenic phase of hair growth cycle and evokes prompt multiplication of hair fibre cells.


Herbolax is a gentle laxative and is generlly recommended for chronic constipation; pre-radiographic abdominal preparation.


Indinavir is used in HIV and AIDS treatment. It is an HIV protease inhibitor and iworks by slowing the spread of HIV cells.


Kytril ia a a selective blocking agent of the serotonin 5l-HT3 receptor and it treats nausea and vomiting, caused by cancer chemotherapy and radiation.


Leukeran refers to alkylating agents and treats certain types of cancer.


Levothyroxine is used as a replacement for a hormone that the thyroid gland produces to control metabolism and the body's energy.


Mentat is intended to enhance mental functions, memory span, mental quotient, stress threshold and the ability to concentrate.


Ophthacare eye drops give a soothing, cool effect and alleviate eye irritation. The medicine is effective in treating inflammatory, allergic and infected eye conditions.


Pilocarpine provokes pupils constriction and decreases pressure in the eyes. The medicine treats elevated pressure in open-angle glaucoma and reduces eye pressure before surgery.


Purim is used to treat the following signs: cutaneous manifestations in worm infestations, acute/chronic dermatitis; acne vulgaris/rosacea related to acneiform postulation; hyperpigmentation in chronic dermatitis.

Rogaine 2%Rogaine 2%

Rogaine is effective for stimulating hair regrowth in people suffering from experiencing hair thinning and hair loss on the head.

Rogaine 5%Rogaine 5%

Rogaine 5 % is effective for stimulating hair regrowth in people suffering from experiencing hair thinning and hair loss on the head.


Triphala is intended to stimulate intestinal walls, to improve colon health. It also provides general support for digestion and normalizes the activity of the digestive tract. Triphala may be taken to mitigate constipation.


Tulasi is actually a herb promoting necessary respiratory support. It produces strong anti-asthmatic effects and treats bronchitis and catarrh.


Viramune is usually recommended for the use in managing HIV infection. It represents a nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor. It is aimed at blocking the HIV growth.

Vitamin CVitamin C

Vitamin C is required for normal development and growth.


Zerit is generally recommended for managing HIV infection provided that it is taken along with other drugs.

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