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Weight Loss

Nowadays 80% of the Earth’s population suffers from overweight due to various factors, such as bad ecology, stress, hormonal imbalance, hypodynamia and unhealthy eating.

It is important to remember that excessive adipose tissue in out body may seriously influence not only our life quality, but also our health. Overweight people are at high risk if numerous diseases development, e.g., high arterial pressure, heart failure, bone problems, renal and hepatic diseases, and diabetes. In addition, it may even lead to an early death.

In order to lose weight you should review your eating habits, improve you immune system and metabolism, do exercises in order to burn fat. Various products promoting weight loss, e.g., appetite suppressants, patches, and diet solutions are also helpful. But to avoid weight problems in future, it is better to maintain your body weight within the norm now.

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Xenical is recommended for treating obesity in adults and adolescents over 11 years old. The drug also helps to keep the result of previous weight loss and prevents people from weight regain.

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