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CytotecBoswellic Acid

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Shallaki is recommended for treating different disturbances with joints. It relieves pain which is very useful for managing arthritis or joint pains. The medication also alleviates discomfort provoked by stiffness often felt in the morning. Shallaki has useful anti-inflammatory qualities.

You should use one capsule two times every day. The medication is to be swallowed with some amount of milk or water.

The main components in the gum resin is represented by boswellic acid (which is actually Shallaki), and this very ingredient produces anti-inflammatory activity.

If a dose is missed, you need to omit it. Then you can follow the usual dose schedule. Never use two doses at a time.

Store the medication at 77 degrees F (which equals to 25 degrees C). The drug is to be kept away from moisture, light and heat and out of the reach of kids and pets.

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