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Sublingual Cialis


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Sublingual Cialis treats erectile dysfunction in men.

It acts up to thirty six hours;
You should administer it 30 min - 12 hours before sexual untercourse;
Compared to Viagra and Levitra, Sublingual Cialis produces fewer adverse effects and it can last longer.

Using the medicine in larger dosages is not more effective and may cause adverse effects.

You may take Sublingual Cialis with and without food.

Sublingual Cialis is used before sex or every day (low doses). Always follow the doctor's instructions.

Avoid taking Sublingual Cialis more often than one time per day. If you use the medicine every day, you should administer it at the same time.
Contact the doctor in case erection lasts more than 4 hours or is painful.

The pill should be put under the tongue. It is absorbed directly to the blood from the mouth's mucus .

Sublingual Cialis stimulates the blood flow to penis thus helping to get and maintain erection during sex.
When a pill is placed under the tongue, it contacts the mouth's mucus capable to absorb the substances to the blood.

If a dose is missed , you need to take it as soon as you can. If it time to take the next dosage, the missed one should be skipped and you need to be back to the regular doses. You cannot administer two doses at a time.

Sublingual Cialis is to be kept at a temperature about 15 - 30 degrees C in a place protected from heat and moisture.

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