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Generic Revia 50mg

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Revia treats narcotic addiction and alcoholism in people. The drug might be taken also for treating some other disorders if recommended by the doctor.

Revia should be taken orally without or with food.
Revia can be administered only if the result of naltrexone challenge test appears negative.
Before you begin the therapy with Revia , your body ought to be clear without substance abuse for about 7 - 10 days. If you have severe kidney and liver disorders, or other health conditions, you'd better not take Revia.

Revia belongs to narcotic antagonists. It blocks the effect narcotic pain relievers and heroin. The medication helps to reduce alcohol consumption.

If a dose is missed, skip it. Follow your regular dosage schedule. Never administer two doses at a time.

Store the medication at 77 degrees F (that is 25 degrees C). Keep it away from sunlight, moisture and heat. The drug should be in a place unreachable for kids and pets.

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