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Generic Atrovent 20mg

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Therapeutic indications: chronic bronchitis and emphysema and associated lung illnesses.

The medication is a bronchodilator. It functions by making the muscles around your airways more relaxed therefore opening them up and allowing a person breathe more freely.

The administration mode: Atrovent it is an inhaler. Follow all the directions on the label precisely. Provided you are using the inhaler on a regular basis it will be of more effect if you take it according to the certain schedule and with clearly marked intervals. Make sure you do not exceed the prescribed dose and do not practice self-treatment. Your condition and reaction to the therapy should be observed by the doctor.

Do not make up for the left out dose taking double. It is recommended that you do not miss any doses.

Make sure the kids and pets have no access to the drug. It requires 39 and 86 degrees F (4 and 30 degrees C) of temperature for storage.

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