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Generic Oxytrol 2.5mg

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Generic Oxytrol 5mg

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Oxytrol is for treating overactive bladder symptoms (urgency to urinate, inability to control the urination process). The drug may be used by kids over five years old, with symptoms of hyperactivity of detrusor muscle related to different neurological factors, such as spina bifida.

The patch is applied to dry, clean, smooth skin on abdomen, buttocks or hips. Press it to ensure that the patch stays on. A patch should be changed in 3 - 4 days. You need to follow the schedule very carefully. Apply new patches to different skin areas to prevent irritation. Do not apply a patch on the waistline as tight clothing can rub a patch off. Contacts with water do not change the activity of the medication. Do not rub the patch. If the skin around a patch gets irritated, itchy, red, you can try another side. In case irritation worsens, check with the doctor. You need to fold sticky patch sides together and after using you are to throw them away.

Oxytrol provides a dual action. Contraction of smooth bladder muscle is activated by acetylcholine release produced by the bladder nerves and by the acetylcholine attachment to the receptors found on the muscle cells surface. Oxybutynin suppresses involuntary spasms of the bladder blocking acetylcholine production. It is named anticholinergic effect. Oxytrol relaxes the bladders detrusor muscle.

In case you forget to change the patch, remove it and take a new one as soon as possible and follow regular doses. But you should not double your dose.

Store Oxytrol at a temperature of 77 degrees F in an original sealed pouch. It should be kept away from light and heat.

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