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Therapeutic indications: certain types of cancer.

The drug belongs to a group of alkylating agents (other names - cancer drugs, chemotherapy, antineoplastics, or "chemo"). They intend to interfere with the growth of cancer cells. They function by binding to the RNA or DNA of certain cancer cells, which helps to slow down their growth and reproduction

The mode of administration: make sure you have read instructions on the label and follow them carefully. It is also recommended that you drink enough of fluids during the therapy in order to allow your kidneys to remove the drug from the system. Otherwise certain adverse effects may occur. Provided that you feel sick or experience vomiting, continue the administration. Do not miss the doses. Do not take doubles.

Storage: (2 to 8 degrees C) 36 to 46 degrees F of temperature in a refrigerator. Make sure kids and pets have no access to it.

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