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Therapeutic indications: chronic hepatitis C in those patients who either have not been treated with interferon previously or those who have a return of the illness after interferon treatment.

The remedy represents an antiviral drug which function is to interfere with the production and/or action of viral DNA and RNA. The latter are crucial for the multiplication of the virus.

The way of administration: the drug should be taken twice daily with food washed down with water. Mind that the whole therapy is highly individual and depends on the weight, medical condition, and response to therapy of the patient. Make sure you continue to take the anti-viral drug even if you feel better after a short period of time. The therapy also requires a lot of fluids consumed alongside with the drug. If you missed the daily dose do not try to catch up taking two.

The medication should not be exposed to kids and pets; as well as moisture, direct sunlight and heat. Storage temperature: 77 degrees F.

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