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Mentat is intended to enhance mental functions, memory span, mental quotient, stress threshold and the ability to concentrate.

You should use one/two tablets two times a day, better with food. It generally takes several weeks to achieve full benefit. Natural ingredients provide progressive and long-lasting effects.

Mentat is actually a fitness formula for mind effective in enhancing mental function by modulating cholinergic as well as gabaergic neurotransmission. Restoring the activity of cholinergic receptor and the frontal cortical muscarinic, Mentat stimulates the ability to concentrate, improves mental quotient and memory. Mentat lowers tribulin levels that get elevated in stress and anxiety.

If a dose of the drug is missed and you take it on a regular basis, then you ought to use it as soon as you remember. But never take two dosages at a time.

Keep the medication at room temperature and at a place protected from sunlight and moisture. Store Mentat away from children and pets.

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