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Viagra Jelly

CytotecSildenafil Citrate

Availability: We are sorry, but we don't sell it any more

Viagra Jelly represents a jelly solution to treat erectile dysfunction in men (impotence).

Mostly Viagra Jelly ought to be used one time daily as necessary. In people who take particular protease inhibitors (like those for treating HIV), it is advised not to exceed the dosage of 25 mg Viagra Jelly within 48 hours.

Viagra Jelly is intended to increase the flow of blood going to penis thus allowing more blood to penetrate into penis like in a natural situation when men are sexually stimulated. With an increased blood coming in and less blood going out, penis arteries enlarge evolving erection.

If a dosage of the drug is forgotten, you can use it as soon as you remember. But never administer two dosages at one time.

Viagra Jelly is to be kept at room temperature (15-30 degrees C).

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