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Toprol XL


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Toprol XL treats hypertension. It can be taken alone and together with other medications. Toprol XL is effective in long-term therapy of chest pains; and preventing risks of death caused by heart disorders in people who have survived after a heart attack. If recommended by the doctor the medication can be taken for treating some other conditions. Taking Toprol XL you should strictly follow the prescriptions. Never take the drug longer and in larger doses than prescribed by the doctor. Administer this medicine with a glass of water. To see if the treatment helps your condition, the BP should be measured regularly. Do not miss your scheduled visits to the doctor. Toprol XL is in a group of beta-adrenergic blocking agents. It decreases the workload on the heart (alleviates chest pains) and it also lowers the blood amount your heart pumps out thus decreasing hypertension. The medication is useful for normalizing heart rhythm if the heart beats too fast or irregularly. If a dosage of Toprol XL is missed, take it as soon as you can. If it is time for the next dose, omit the dose you have missed and follow regular schedule. Never take 2 dosages at a time. Keep Toprol XL at 25 degrees C away from light, moisture and heat. Do not keep the drug in the bathroom. Toprol XL ought to be unreachable for pets and kids.

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