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Rogaine 5%

CytotecMinoxidil Solution

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Rogaine 5 % is effective for stimulating hair regrowth in people suffering from experiencing hair thinning and hair loss on the head.

Before using the medication, you need to wash the scalp with shampoo. The scalp and hair should be dry. You should always wash hands after using Rogaine Solution. Then wait for 4 hours before you go swimming. Avoid getting wet after using the medication.
You are to wait till the solution becomes dry before you can use other hair products.
Consult the doctor if you have any doubts about the use of Rogaine.

Rogaine stimulates hair growth on the scalp. It is considered that it relaxes blood vessels present in the scalp, and this enhances hair follicle functioning and improves hair growth.

If a dose is missed, you should use it as soon as you can. If it is time to take the next dosage, the missed one should be omitted and then you may follow the regular schedule. But remember that you cannot administer 2 dosages at a time.

Keep the medicine at a room temperature in a closed container. The medication should be away from light and heat. You are to keep it in a place that is unreachable for children and pets.

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