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Septilin, if taken every day, builds the defense mechanism improving phagocytosis and thus it protects the body against different infections. Taken as an everyday supplement, it fights chronic infections even the sub-clinical ones.

Take one/ two tablets 2 times a day with food. Natural products consumption provides progressive and long-lasting benefits.

Septilin represents an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory herbal formulation improving immune reactions. Septilin is actually effective in stimulating phagocytosis by activating macrophage. The medication increases polymorphonuclear cells number and assist in combating infections. The medicine creates resistance to disorder and prevents reinfection, natural killer cell action, antibody depending cytotoxicity of cells. The drug's effect increases the forming of antibodies, improving antibody secretion to the circulatory system.
If a dose is missed, you need to take it as soon as you can. If it is time to administer the next dosage, you should omit the missed one and follow the regular schedule. Remember that you cannot use two doses at a time.

You should keep the medication at 68 - 77 degrees F. Store the drug away from moisture, light and heat. Actually all medicines should be unreachable for kids and pets.

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