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CytotecDrospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol

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Generic Yasmin 3mg + 0.03mg

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Yasmin is a drug for preventing pregnancy. It also treats premenstrual dysphoric disorder and some acne types in women. The medication can be taken for some other conditions if recommended by the doctor.

Contact the doctor to check how you can start the first package of Yasmin. If a person starts taking Yasmin in 24 hours of the period, there is no need to use any other birth control methods. If a person starts using Yasmin on Sunday after the beginning of the period, it is necessary to use additional methods of birth control for about 7 days after you have taken Yasmin.

In case you switch from other contraceptive pills to Yasmin, then you need to start taking Yasmin on the day you would start a new package of the previous pills.

Contact the doctor if any questions arise.

Yasmin is to be taken every day at the same time. After you have taken the last pill, begin to administer the 1st pill from a new pack the next day.

Yasmin represents a combination of estrogen and progesterone. The medicine prevents ovulation by thickening the cervix mucus, and changing the uterus lining.

If a dosage of Yasmin is missed, you have to use it as soon as possible. Take the next dose at a usual time. So you can administer 2 dosages the same day. If you miss 1 pill there is no need to take additional birth control measures. In case you have missed more than one dosage, you should read the leaflet that generally goes with Yasmin and you may consult the doctor. If you miss more than one dosage of Yasmin you have to use additional birth control measures. In case you don't know how to deal with missed dosages, you are to use other ways of birth control (like condoms) till you contact the doctor.

Keep Yasmin at room temperature away from moisture, light and heat. You cannot keep the drug in the bathroom. Yasmin is to be out of reach of kids and pets.

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