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KamaSutra Ribbed Condoms


Availability: We are sorry, but we don't sell it any more

The condoms have a particular ripple effect that is specially designed to intensify the pleasure of sexual activity. They are made in such a way to stimulate the vagina or anus of the person being penetrated. Most women are sensitive enough to the ribs on the condoms and therefore they are so popular. They give a much more comfortable, pleasurable and intensified sensation than a normal condom. Moreover, it is not only women who have more pleasure with these condoms; the wearer feels much more aroused and pleased, too. The condoms have high quality and meet the international quality standards.

Use the condoms according to the description on the label. Use them regularly as it is the best way not to get a sexually transmitted disease and also not to become pregnant unplanned.

Store conditions: away from any moisture, sunlight and heat. Do not use after the expiration date passed.

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