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Plan B


Availability: We are sorry, but we don't sell it any more

The medicine prevents pregnancy in females who had unprotected sexual intercourse and in those who suspect a failure in their birth control form. The medication is not for everyday birth control and it won't stop a pregnancy already existing.

You need to take 1 tablet of the medicine orally as soon as you can within 72 hours after unprotected sex. Take the 2nd tablet orally 12 hours after the 1st dose. The doctor can instruct you to use the medicine in a different way. Follow the instructions given by the doctor. The drug is used any time during the menstrual cycle. In case of vomiting within 1 hour of taking the medicine, consult the doctor to ask whether you can repeat the dosage.

Store plan B at a room temperature (25 C). For short storage you can keep it at 15-30 degrees C.

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