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Trazodone is for managing depression. It relieves anxiety disorders like tension, sleeplessness), chronic pain.

Using Trazodone you should follow the doctor's instructions. Read the medication label carefully to know exact doses required for your condition.
Trazodone contains an sheet with extra information for patients called a Medicine guide. You should read it very carefully.
Trazodone is taken shortly after meals or a snack.
You will see the results of Trazodone activity in 1-4 weeks. You cannot stop using Trazodone without permission from your doctor.

Trazodone is in a group of tetracyclic antidepressants. It enhances the action of such brain chemicals as serotonin and this helps to elevate your mood.

If a dose is missed, you need to omit it. Then you can follow the usual dose schedule. Never use two doses at a time.

Store the medication at 77 degrees F (which equals to 25 degrees C). The drug is to be kept away from moisture, light and heat and out of the reach of kids and pets.

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