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Pulmicort prevents asthma symptoms. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Take Pulmicort following the doctor's instructions. Check the medicine label for doses.

Pulmicort is inhaled through the mouth.

You need to prime the new inhaler before you use it. First twist the inhaler cover and then lift it off. Hold it upright and turn the grip completely in one direction, then completely in the opposite direction till it clicks. It doesn't matter what way to turn it. Repeat this action. Avoid repriming the inhaler. You need just to prime the inhaler, even if you don't use it for a time. And the inhaler is ready. Avoid shaking an inhaler. Turn the head away from your inhaler and then breathe out completely. You need to place the mouthpiece between the lips and inhale deeply. Avoid breathing out through an inhaler. Avoid chewing and biting the mouthpiece.
Replace the cover of mouthpiece after every use.

Rinse mouth with water after the use of the medicine to prevent throat and mouth infections. You are not to swallow this water.

The inhaler ought to be kept dry and clean.

Pulmicort contains a dose counter below the mouthpiece to keep track the number of doses left in the inhaler. The dose counter counts down each time one dose is used; but you will not see the dosage counter moving with every dosage. It is moving in about 5 dosages. Stop using the inhaler after "0" mark on red background has reached the middle in dosage counter window. It might no longer give the right medication amount with every dose.
Go on using Pulmicort even if you start feeling better. Try not to miss any dosages.
Use Pulmicort regularly to get most benefits from it.

Pulmicort belongs to inhaled corticosteroids. It lowers swelling and irritation in the airways, and this prevents and controls asthma signs.

If a dose is missed, you need to take it as soon as you remember. If it is time to take the next dosage, omit the missed one and be back to the regular schedule. You cannot take two dosages at a time.

Remember to replace the cover after you the usage. Keep an inhaler at a temperature 59 - 86 degrees F in some dry place.

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