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Theophylline belongs to bronchodilators. By its activity it relaxes lungs and chest muscles thus making lungs less sensitive to allergens and other factors causing bronchospasm.

This medication is useful for curing bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.

For other conditions not covered in this description the drug may be used only if recommended by the doctor.

If any changes in the brand occur, strength, or theophylline type you take, the dose might be changed. You should consult the pharmacist if any questions about the drug arise.
Before you start or give up smoking you check with your doctor as smoking may change the way your body uses theophylline, and your body might require a different dose. You shouldn't consume anything caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea, cola). Caffeine increases some side effects caused by theophylline.

You should inform your doctor about all the drugs you use, including minerals, vitamins, herbal products, as well as drugs that were prescribed by other doctors. Before taking a new medicine consult your doctor.

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