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Avandia is a drug taken to manage type 2 diabetes. You should combine this medication with a certain diet and exercise. Avandia is used alone and it also interacts with other antidiabetic medications.

Being a thiazolidinedione antidiabetic the treatment decreases blood sugar making the body cells more sensitive to insulin activity.

Avandia is forbidden for people who suffer from allergy to it and who have type 1 diabetes.
If you have ever had liver disorders, including skin or eye yellowing, during treatment with troglitazone, if you are using insulin or nitrates, and if you have moderate to serious heart failure you cannot take this medication.

If you fall into the group mentioned above you ought to immediately check with your doctor.

If you need any additional facts about the drug, please refer to your doctor or a pharmacist.
Inform your doctor if the symptoms persist or if they get worse.

The given information represents basic medical facts about the drug. If any questions about the use of the medicine arise you are strongly advised to contact the doctor or any other health care provider.

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