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Generic Imodium 2mg

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Imodium is generally taken for managing symptoms of particular diarrhea forms. The drug is also recommended for lowering the discharge from an ileostomy. The medicine might also be used for curing other diseases if recommended by the doctor.

Being an antidiarrheal agent the medication acting in the body makes the movement of bowel contents to slow down.

Imodium cannot be used if you have ever had allergic reactions to the medicine ingredients or if you have stomach bloating, bloody stools or constipation. Children under 2 years old and patients who have stomach pain without diarrhea are not to be treated with this medication.

Immediately check with the doctor if any of the described above attributes to you.

If you need any additional facts about the drug, please refer to your doctor or a pharmacist.
Inform your doctor if the symptoms persist or if they get worse.

The given information represents basic medical facts about the drug. If any questions about the use of the medicine arise you are strongly advised to contact the doctor or any other health care provider.

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