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CytotecErythromycin Estolate

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Generic Ilosone 250mg

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Generic Ilosone 500mg

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Erythromycin is used to treat various kinds of bacterial infections.

Being a macrolide antibiotic Erythromycin acts to destroy bacteria which got into your body.

If advised by the doctor it might also be taken for other conditions that are not covered in the given description.

Patients who have allergy to erythromycin or are taking cisapride, astemizole, pimozide, and terfenadine are forbidden to use this medicine.

If you suffer from myasthenia gravis or liver disease you should tell your doctor because the drug may be harmful for you or you might need an individual dosage and some tests.
The tablets are to be swallowed whole as a special coat covering them protects your stomach. So it's better not to crush them. Keep the drug out of the reach of sunlight or artificial UV rays. The medicine makes skin more sensitive to sunlight so you should be careful not to get sunburn.

Diarrhea may be caused by antibiotics and it may mean that some new infection has got into the body. If diarrhea is bloody or watery you should refer to the doctor's help. You cannot any drug to stop the diarrhea if it is not recommended by the doctor.
Proceed using the medicine for the duration of time that it is prescribed for you even in spite of the fact that your state may improve earlier. The symptoms may seem to go away but the infection might still be in the body. The medication is not for the use in treating viral infections (flu and the common cold).

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