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Norpace is a drug generally recommended for preventing different forms of harmful irregular heartbeats and heart rhythm disorders.

Norpace belongs to antiarrhythmics. Acting in the body it normalizes the heart rhythm in cases when the heart beats too fast or irregularly. Thus the medication has an antiarrhythmic effect.

Norpace is not for the use of people with allergy to an ingredient in it and for those who have second- or third-degree heart block, who were born with an irregular heartbeat because of QT prolongation, or if your heart is in shock. The drug interacts not with all medications. If you use cisapride, astemizole, a class III antiarrhythmic (such as amiodarone, sotalol), pimozide, a phenothiazine, a quinolone (like grepafloxacin, sparfloxacin), and terfenadine; you cannot take Norpace.

If you fall into the group mentioned above you should inform your doctor.

If any questions about the use of the drug appear, you should refer to your doctor or a pharmacist.
Do not give the medication to people who have no prescription for it.
If the symptoms show no improvement or get worse, talk to the doctor.

This guide contains only general information about the medicine. If you need additional facts concerning the effect and the use of the drug ask your doctor for advice.

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