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Allyloestrenol is recommended mainly for managing threatened pregnancy. The drug is intended to stop premature labor from happening and helps women to give birth to a healthy child.

Allyloestrenol is classified as a synthetic progesterone derivative.

Before you start to use this drug you are to check with your doctor. The drug's use and its progressive effects should be strictly monitored. The dosage requirement may vary depending on patient's condition. Special precaution should be taken by pregnant women who suffer from diabetes and has ever had heart disorders or kidney failures. You should inform your doctor about all the medications you use or have recently used to avoid any unexpected interactions.

Additional information about the usage of this medicine you can receive from the doctor.

If the symptoms persist or worsen you should refer to professional help.

The information provided is a general description of the medical facts concerning the drug. If you need more detailed explanation about the use of the medication and its effects you should refer to the doctor or other specialist in medicine.

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