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Zyban is generally used to help people stop smoking cigarettes. The drug can be taken in other cases providing that it is advised by your doctor.

Actually the medicine is an antidepressant. The specialist found out that it can also aid people to give up smoking.
Refer to the doctor if you need further information about the given medication.
It's inappropriate to share the drug with the people who have no prescription for it.
You are to inform the doctor if the symptoms show no improvement or worsen.

This is main information about the medicine. For further information and details you should refer to your doctor or a pharmacist.

Not all people can use Zyban due to the circumstances. First of all do not take this drug if you have allergy to an ingredient contained in it and if you are using a medication having bupropion in it. Secondly it is forbidden for people have suddenly stopped drinking alcohol or taking sedatives after long-term use. And it is also inappropriate if you have used a monoamine oxidase inhibitor in the past 14 days. The tablets are not to be taken by the people who have an eating disorder history (this include bulimia and anorexia) or seizures (epilepsy).

Inform your doctor immediately if anything of the above mentioned concerns you.

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