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Videx Powder Pack is for managing HIV infection. It should always be taken together with other drugs.

Videx is a nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor. Acting in the body the medicine blocks the growth of HIV-1 that is the virus causing AIDS.

You are not to take Videx if you are already using ribavirin, allopurinol, such aluminum salts as aluminum hydroxide or if you have allergy to a component containing in this drug. Patients with pancreatitis, lactic acidosis, abnormal liver function tests or an enlarged liver are not allowed to take Videx.

You should immediately consult the doctor if anything of the mentioned above attributes to you.

For any further medical facts about the drug you should contact your doctor or a pharmacist.
The medication is not to be used by people for whom it wasn't recommended by the doctor.
Inform your doctor if the symptoms persist or if they get worse.

The given guide contains basic information about the drug. If any questions about the use of the medicine arise you are strongly advised to contact the doctor or any other health care provider.

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