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Cromolyn Sodium

CytotecCromolyn Sodium

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Cromolyn sodium oral is effective for healing the symptoms of mastocytosis that can be a cause of vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, itchy skin, stomach pain and flushing which is warmth or redness under the skin.

Cromolyn sodium belongs to the drug group of anti-inflammatory medicines. Acting in the body the drug prevents the release of substances causing inflammation. this drug might also be taken in other cases not mentioned in the given description.

People with allergy to cromolyn and children under 2 years of age should avoid this medication. Before starting to use this drug inform the doctor if you have any kind of liver or kidney disease.

Check with your doctor if the symptoms do not enhance in 2/3 weeks of the treatment.

For any further additional facts about the drug you should refer to your doctor or a pharmacist.
The medication is not to be used by people for whom it wasn't recommended by the doctor.
Inform your doctor if the symptoms persist or if they get worse.

The given information represents basic medical facts about the drug. If any questions about the use of the medicine arise you are strongly advised to contact the doctor or any other health care provider.

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