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Carbimazole is effective for treating hyperthyroidism.

Carbimazole represents a pro-drug as after being absorbed it is transformed to the active form, methimazole.
Methimazole does not allow the peroxidase enzyme to couple and iodinate the tyrosine residues on thyroglobulin. This effect decreases the production of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 which is thyroxine.

Before you start using Carbimazole you are strongly recommended to check with your doctor.

Additional information on the usage of this medicine you can receive from the doctor.

If the symptoms persist or worsen you should refer to professional help.

The given information is a general description of the medical facts attributed to the drug. If you need a detailed explanation about the use of the medication and its effects you should refer to the doctor or other specialist in medicine.

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