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Generic Evista 60mg

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Evista is effective for managing and preventing osteoporosis in women who are past menopause. This drug is useful for decreasing the risk of invasive breast cancer in women who are past menopause. In other cases the medication can be useful provided that it is recommended by the doctor.

Evista is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator. In osteoporosis the medicine acts by lowering bone breakdown and thinning that is possible to occur in women after menopause. Blocking estrogen in breast and uterine tissue Raloxifene lessens the risk of invasive breast cancer.

Evista is not for the use of people suffering from allergy to its ingredients and of patients who haven't past menopause. If you are currently using an anion exchange resin (like cholestyramine, colestipol) or estrogen, if you are pregnant or might become pregnant and if you are brest-feeding or have ever had blood clots in the eyes, legs, or lungs then Raloxifene is not ideal for you.

If anything of the above described attributes to you inform the doctor.

Additional information about the usage of this medicine you can receive from the doctor.

If the symptoms persist or worsen you should refer to professional help.

The information provided is a general description of the medical facts concerning the drug. If you need more detailed explanation about the use of the medication and its effects you should refer to the doctor or other specialist in medicine.

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